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Dear Friend,

product review software|product review scriptreview softwarever wonder why other Affiliate Marketers sell a lot everyday? How do they rake in sales with very little effort? 

The answer is simple: the tool they use.

It’s common practice that before any of us buy anything, we compare first. We research about the product we want. We research about the quality and, more often than not, go for the one with the cheaper price. 

Most of the time we spend so much time researching online about scams and ask other people about the product they want.

Now, if you use the same tool that other successful affiliates are using, then you will get the same results like them.

This tool is very useful and easy to manage.  You can use it to any kind of product or niches you can think of.  And, you can help the visitors to select the best product/services that fit them and their business goals.

"It is very easy to use and very minimal maintenance. All you have to do is to set and forget."

ince this system is very flexible you can add anything on it to make it more fit on your taste, add more modules, change the product display structure and all you can think of on the design aspect. 

Display all facts about the products and don't make your site looks like a sales letter. Be honest and you can get more sales.

"Target the people who already in the verge of buying to make their visit worth while!"

Want to see the demos? Just Click on the images to see the exact running system super affiliates use and determine why it is profitable.

First Demo:

Second Demo -->

Third Demo -->

See What Others Are Saying!

I really love the script :)

Week ago I have read a report about how reviews can help me in earning money from reviewing affiliate products, in that moment I decided that I should have a review site to check it out. I searched Google for a review script, and it was very difficult to find a descent one, until I came by Ross Dalangin's review script, even before I bought it I could see it is exactly what I need, and after I bought it I was surprised that it was even better then what I expected to get for the money I have paid for it.

I give it an A++

Shlomi Khutoretsky

Hi Ross,

I'm very impressed. I'm having fun using your administration panel and I can easily manage data.

John Alexander Allard (WarriorForum)

Hi Ross,

What a great script you have Ross. This is what I'm looking for in several days but most of the review script that I found cannot do much modifications. Based on your templating system, this works like I really dream of. It's simple but very creative. I like the Registry Cleaner's Idea. I will vote you as for best clickbank products if there is any :) Check you coolers, the beers are coming now. Got to go to Paypal. I also waiting for the announcement when you decide to have affiliate system.As a clickbank affiliate I like to recommend your product.

Thanks for this,

Rechelle Davis(WarriorForum)


Thanks for answering my msg and the script is more than worth it. that's super!
I love this. Very ingeninus. I will be using this for my software sales.

Thank you very much, Ross!


Hey Ross,

Nice script you have here and a great offer. You must have read my mind...just reg'd a new review domain a few days ago and was deciding on what to use for it...problem solved!

Rob (WarriorForum)

Hi Ross,

This is a very useful script. I'm positive that anyone who uses this will add much more profits than those who don't. This is brilliant work!


Michael Lee (WarriorForum) 

Hi Ross,

All I can say is WOW!! I'm having more fun with your inexpensive well written scripts than
I've had in a long time. Already have one site up and hope to follow with others shortly.

Dave Weaver

Comment on A Forum by demac of WarriorForum:

For anybody sitting on the fence over Ross's Reviews script, you may be wondering can it be as good as it sounds, after all it's only $27.

Well, I took the plunge and bought it as soon as I saw it, at that price I was prepared to take the risk and I'm very glad I did.

The install was very straightforward, although I had some issues with getting it running - some self-inflicted and some minor glitches with the configuration of my cPanel set up.

Ross has provided absolutely brilliant backup and quickly edited some of the script's files to get it running smoothly on one of my sites.

It's a bit misleading to call it a script it's more like a fully fledged software program that runs on your server. In total, there are 641 files which gives you an idea of how comprehensive it is.

But don't let that put you off, it's no harder to install than WordPress.

At the price Ross is offering Reviews script for it I'd urge anyone who needs a reviews type page that can be dropped seamlessly into an existing web template to grab it.

To get the functions this script offers custom designed, would surely be a minimum of $1000.At this price I should grab it before Ross comes to his senses and ups the price.

Thanks Ross for a great product, it's something I've been looking for some time.

<<<<<<<<<<<<And this comment is for version one alone>>>>>>>>>>

Here Are Some Of The Features Of This Profitable Script:

review software add products You can add as many products to review as you want.

review software star You can get more traffic because the script is search engine friendly. (Search Engine Love HTML and Keyword Friendly Websites)

review script articles You can put as many products and articles as you want to manipulate search engines. (This is important for search engine traffic and of course for your guests)

review software administration There is an administration where in you can manage all data.

review software compare There is a page navigation, buyers can navigate your pages by clicking the next, previous, first and last links.

review software templates The script use smarty templating (This means you can easily change the designs of your site.)

review software internet marketer You can add your autoresponder form, so you can collect email addresses to buid your list.

review script design There is a sample design included.

best clickbank products Embeded is the list of bookmarking sites that is used to bookmark your review site for future use if they are not ready buying the list of products.

review software directory User comments can be included in the template to make your user comment on your reviews.

review software comparison Users can post a review if you want.

review script comparison User can send you an abusive user if you want.

review script templates User can search for products or articles.

review software clickbank Can categorize the products and add unlimited categories as you want.

review software affiliate marketing Included a Privacy and Terms of Use but change it to your liking.

You can receive a zip file of the script and the instructions on how you can you start using it.

If you Act Now, Here's Your Bonus:

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Review Creator Software of Laurie Meade is a very user friendly. It is a step by step guide in creating a great product reviews in minutes. Creating a great product review can bring you more money from and other review sites. Some even pay more than $400 per review.

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ry out the software for 30 days. Create your own reviews sites in any niche you want. If you can't dramatically increase sales or traffic with ease, then I will give your money back, no questions asked!

Since this system is designed to increase your profits and traffic, you will make back your money quickly with your first review site. There is absolutely no risk!

This script normally sells for $97 but for a limited time you can get this fantastic script for only $27. Admit it, $27 is a steal for this tremendous product. Also any future updates are free when you order today.

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review script

product review script


Ross Dalangin

P.S.  Remember that this price will not last forever. It will be going up soon. Don't miss your chance and Act now! Nowhere else will you find such powerful software at such a great value price. Order today and start increasing your profits immediately!

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